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Stadium seating is specially designed and produced seating for stadiums or arenas. Modern cubic-shaped chair attached to the anchor beam at the step’s forehead or to the ground. It has upholstered overlays on the seat and back, which are made of contoured beech plywood. Armrests made of polyurethane foam or solid beech wood, fastened to the supporting beam as a separate piece, can be added to the chairs. The bulk of seats in stadium seating are normally higher than the seats in front to guarantee that spectators’ views are not obstructed and that they can see the entire event. The angle of the position relative to the stand can also be changed from -15 to + 15 degrees. In addition, the telescopic bleacher variant comes with a manual chair assembly system and, optionally, gas springs. The backrest comes in three different heights. The chair has a spring-loaded folding mechanism that is completely silent. Providing spectators with the best possible views, Providing a relaxing environment, Providing event seating that can withstand the rigours and Seating that will last a long time are some of the benefits of stadium seating.