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Field Standards – Floor Finish Works

Artificial Turf:

 Widely used for Football, Rugby, Hockey & Cricket etc.
 As per FIFA & World Rugby (WR)
 Widely used Turf pile heights for FIFA standard pitch & World Rugby standard pitches are 50mm-60mm
 These turfs are also called Infill Turfs as Silica Sand & SBR Infill are used to fill the turf.
 Method of statement: (Explained using PFS Turf method of statement)
 As per International Federation Standards safety area of 3m has to be left on all 4 sides of the pitch.
 Two types of line marking can be used on this turf
 1. Permanent Built-in Line Marking (Recommended)
 Temporary Painted Line marking

Standard Dimensions of games played on turf.

Football: (FIFA)

 General 11a Side playing area dimension as per FIFA international standard ranges from a maximum of 120m X 90m to a minimum of 90m X 45m. Where as FIFA international matches are played at the pitch of size 110m X 75m.
 Apart from that football games are also played as 9a side, 7a side & 5a side size games, in which as the name suggests the number of players per side varies respectively.
 FIFA 9a side Field size ranges from a maximum of 75m x 55m to a min of 70m x 43m.
 7a size Field size is 55m x 36.5m
 5a side Field size is 36.5m x 27.5m

Standard Dimensions of games played on turf.

 Rugby: (American Football): (WR)
 Standard Rugby dimension varies from a maximum of100m x 70m to a minimum of 94m x 68m with a runoff area of 22m maximum on each ends to a minimum of 6m.
 Hockey: (FIH)
 International Standard Hockey pitch playing area size is 91.4m x 55m
 Cricket: (ICC)
 Cricket’s boundary size varies according to the ground however the pitch size remains the same with a crease to crease dimension of 17.68 meters and the total pitch dimension is 22.56 meters. The width of the cricket pitch is 3.66m
 The same dimension of 22.56m x 3.66m is used in majority of ICC cricket academy practice nets.

Acrylic Sports Flooring:

 Widely Used for Outdoor Sports Courts & Games.
 Majorly played games on Acrylic Sports Flooring are Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Netball, Handball, Football.
 Acrylic Sports Flooring system comes in various types and thicknesses depending upon their model.
 It can be done as both Hard-Coat system without Cushion & with cushion.
 It has higher playing hours.

Standard Dimensions for Major Sports Played on Acrylic Sports Flooring:

 Basketball: Playing Area- 28m x 15m; Including Safety Area- 34m x 18m
 Volleyball: Playing Area- 18m x 9m; Including Safety Area- 28m x 19m to 24m x 15m
 Tennis: Playing Area- 23.77m x 10.973m; Including Safety Area- 36.57m x 18.29m
 Netball: Playing Area- 30.50m x 15.25m; Including Safety Area- 36.6m x 21.35m
 Badminton: Playing Area- 13.4m x 6.1m; Including Safety Area- 15.4m x 8.1m
 Futsal: Playing Area: 42m x 25m to 25m x 15m ; Safety Area- 3m to 2m (Behind the goal); 1.5m to 3m (Along the width)